Do you Believe in Exhibitioning your Barrel Horse?






We Do Exbos!


We feel they are a good thing. Especially if you have a hot horse that doesn’t want to slow down and concentrate on you. They are a great time to go in the arena and allow your horse pay attention and not think its time to go run. They slow down and will listen more to what you want to do.


With our hot horses, it works for us! Not necesarilly to make them do a perfect pattern, but, to get them think and slow down, not think they do a competitive run everytime in the arena.


When people say “I can’t exbo my horse…” It should be your decision if you feel the need to or not do an exbo. To not do one because you don’t want to fight with your horse is a problem. That should be a sign you SHOULD be doing an exbo and try to strive to do.


Exbos tell the horse “this isn’t just a place to run.”


We have broke horses and were all proud of that! We should, be able to, no matter what speed and what were asking, it doesnt matter where we are doing it, they should be willing to do what were asking of them.


So what haoppens if the Exbo doesnt go to plan?


You have to put it behind you. You know you are as prepared as youre going to be for the show. Unfortunately, we cannot fix anything major in 1 or 2 exhibitions. We have to make the most out of the 60 seconds in the pen to help you and your horse feel ready to succees!


We know this is a controvercial topic. But I want to hear your thoughts, do you OR don’t you exbo? Why or why not?