Reputation is not created by your own thoughts about who you are. It is developed by continuously striving to be a decent human in society. Someone of their word, someone of good character, a person of honesty and so on will have naturally developed a positive reputation.
People in the horse business need to put heavy importance on this. We depend on our reputation every day and we also work on it every day, realizing it or not. Building a good reputation takes years to build and almost no time to lose.
In this business, word travels faster then thoughts. Nothing is hidden and the fact or fiction become scrambled through the translation of others. Who you have shown up as everyday will give you the reassurance that you know exactly who you are and who you are not.
People that want to bring down someone else’s reputation shows the direct corelotation to their own insecurities and beliefs. The ones that are too caught up with what others are accomplishing are the ones who feel unacomplished themselves.
The jealous, angry, envious or devious are not who we need in the horse world. Deep underlying issues bring out these characteristics and motives in a scheme to make them feel superior, even when they’re not. It is known that bringing others down, will not lift you higher. 

We need people in the horse business to be lifting up, for all of us!

We are in this race together; to better the horse community one horse, one rider and one event at a time. We must keep things fair and supportive. We must focus on being good, by being a person of value, integrity and good will. We have to do our part. Focus on your part, how will you show up in the community? What is your legacy? Your repuation? Focus on yours, give all your effort and energy into being your best.  
Lets’s be good to one another, after all, we all love horses for the same reasons. Let’s ignore our differences and focus on what we all have in common.
Build up others to build up yourself, our repuations are depending on it.
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