Reflecting on the first 3 day race of the year. You could sense it in the air that everyone was so happy to get out, connect with each other and their horses.

The moments I want to talk about, as I look down to my leg with a few new barrel knocking scapes is this:

  • We can be our worst enemy. We think the thoughts of others and we tend to assume the worst. We think “they’re” watching our every move and they’re full of judgement. I’m here to say this, no one cares as much as you think they do. We are all trying out here and it all looks different. Nothing about each rider is completely alike so we cannot expect to be someone or somewhere we are not meant to be right now. Just know you are not alone. We are all facing some sort of difficulties. We are fully in this together.
  • Now back to the leg with new barrel bruises and scrapes; Embrace that. Even though it sucks to hit a barrel and we all feel we are capable of doing better. Make sure you don’t forget to still appreciate your efforts. That cut on your leg is the proof you’re trying. You’re in the arena which is a victory within it self. Celebrate that.
  • Cheering for others, supporting others and loving others will come back to you. It cost you nothing to smile, to say congrats, to tell someone they’re doing great, even when you know they don’t believe what you’re telling them. Be a reason someone notices the things they’ve done right, or begins to appreciates their horse a bit more. The domino effect is real, pass on your energy so they can become that reason for someone else too. Supporting, cheering, collaborating with others creates a community full of positivity and encouragement. We can all cheer for one another.
  • Take every opportunity to learn. Every run is a new chance to figure something out. Do it for you. Don’t think you need to know it all by now. You are still growing and you are still learning. As long as you’re breathing, you’re going to be learning. Give yourself a break in this moment and know the lessons learnt now are preparing you for the future you desire. We take small steps, the 1% everyday. Don’t think you need to know it all now. Enjoy the run with the expectations of experiencing it and you are learning from it.