It’s spring! Although it feels like winter is lingering and won’t give up the stage. I can’t help but feel the spring weather around the corner, eagerly waiting to shine its bright light on all of us. Creating life through its energy; the trees begin to bloom, the grass returns to green and everything seems to become full of life again; ourselves included.

I love creating and just challenging myself to grow into a higher version of myself with everything I do. However, this month’s article has come to me slowly. My mind is not flowing as it usually does with ideas so I took a drive to park in front of the Grand River at a local walking trail. Hoping nature would spark some creativity and ideas worth sharing with all you amazing readers.

I had the idea for this column which started as a seed inside my mind a few weeks ago. Now, I am finally bringing it into fruition with my hands typing these words on my laptop. It took a while for the idea to grow inside of myself until I felt it was ready to harvest into reality in the outside world. Sometimes ideas are perfect in our minds. We don’t want to ruin it by making it real and maybe a little less perfect in reality, so it stays put in our brains. This might have been a case of that. But I am all for taking imperfect action!

So here I am, harvesting with action the ideas and vision I made inside of my mind a few weeks ago. This is the topic for The Rider this month.

How does a vision or idea become reality? When we want something in life, there are a few stages to getting it. The first is awareness. It’s noticing the idea inside our mind. It’s seeing the possibilities that can play out in the future. It’s the unknown, the unlimited future floating as ideas in the darkness of your brain. Secondly, it is believing and seeing it clear as day. It’s knowing it is yours to create before it is yours in the current moment of time. In your soul, you see it to be already true. Now, the final, and potentially most important step is the action needed to get you to that thing you envision for yourself.

If you can’t tell already, this is the process of manifestation. You may have heard of it before but it is the idea of turning something from an idea into a reality. It’s a popular word I am hearing from the “gurus” when they tell you how to live your dream life. This process unpacks a whole list of other questions to ask yourself like “What actually is my dream life? What do I want to create in my future? What does it all look like?” and so on.

Bringing this back to the beginning; the dreams and visions we store in our minds are the seed to our reality. As I’ve said before I’m sure, or will always continue to say, that everything starts with and within ourselves.

We get to choose what seed we are going to plant in order to harvest the results we want in the future. I feel the seed is a powerful metaphor we can use to understand and it’s very timely, because it’s almost spring as you know. The seed is a choice to feel a specific outcome that you want to have. It’s already feeling full of it; full of abundance, love, success, freedom, wealth, whatever it is for you, we have to feel it inside ourselves first. It can be hard to believe in when it hasn’t happened yet, but it is an important step to reaching those desires

I did a thought experiment on this and I want to share it with you. It has to do with what we tell ourselves to be true or not.

We can all agree horses are expensive, right? Financial freedom I’d say is a big pain point for equestrians. We want to be able to support our love for horses, but how can you do what if you aren’t “rich”? When I was going through this experiment, focusing on how I can feel “rich” now.. I was telling myself how hard it is, how expensive it is, how impossible it is, how I am not rich enough for life, is what I was basically telling myself.

Now if that’s the seed I unknowingly was planting, what do you think my harvest will be? Ya, likely all of those things I told myself will become my reality. But, with the concept I laid out above, if I start with the intention of what I want to happen, and I believe it is mine to take, I know I will create that destiny for myself.

I then asked myself “what does being rich even mean to me?” I said “my horses I currently own, my health makes me rich. I listed all my assets that make me happy and make me feel abundant. Before I knew it, I was describing a perfect life that I have been creating for myself for a long time. Maybe I’m not where I want to be. After-all, we are always growing and evolving, but we can choose to feel that we are on the right path by envisioning it, believing in it and acting on it, every single day. That is true wealth and that is true abundance. Now it’s only a matter of feeding it into your reality.

I fully believe in the unlimited power to create that we all possess. I want us all to ‘take the reins’ if you will and start planting the seeds of what you want to have in your future, now. Feel it first, believe in it completely, and then act on it. It will become yours if you stay true on your path.

One final thing;

I believe the dreams you have are there because they are meant for you. It’s not something to be taken lightly or disregarded as “well everyone has these dreams”. No. Your dreams are for you. And they are waiting for you to take action on them. This spring, and the 2023 season, I want to leave you with one question: are you ready to own it?