This is about my intern stories since I’m celebrating! It’s been a full year since I was gone and came back.

Where I was pretty much one year ago, I was finishing up my time working for a trainer and it was the end of October,  I was going to head over to Ohio, meet my mom and from there, go to NBHA worlds in Georgia. We do that pretty much every year so it was good timing to go there for a race, then come home.

Within the last month, I definitely learned a lot.. It was probably the hardest month I think I had.

The one thing I took away from it would be the importance of when someone treats you a certain way, you can’t have that affect you personally. It’s really hard, but it’s just one of those things; it’s easy to feel bad for yourself when things just aren’t going right. Even more so, if there’s someone that is the cause of that and they’re acting a certain way, you need to remember this: you can’t really change how someone treats you. If they want to treat you terribly, they’re just not a nice person and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

The only thing you have control over, which is really important, is how you take it, how you handle it and how you move on.

For myself in the situation I was in, I felt pretty hopeless and well, I was helpless. I didn’t really have a lot of options on where to go so I was forced to just tough it out. yes, it was difficult but I just had to go day by day. I could have felt really bad for myself. Being stuck there with weird people who I busted my butt for, for practically nothing in return. I just had to take it for what it was. Just like the time my horse was stuck at a barrel race with no ride home. But, you learn. Some people aren’t the nicest in the world, and I mean, the horse industry is a totally different deal and you deal with so many different types of people. 

Some of them aren’t that nice and there’s really nothing we can do about it.

It’s just how people are. You just have to learn the lesson that they’re going to give you and move on, try to move past that the best of your ability and know that there’s nothing wrong with you! I repeat, nothing wrong with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a top trainer or you’re just a stable person or you’re learning and you’re interning. It doesn’t change your level of humanity and it really shouldn’t. So if someone wants to treat you like a piece of garbage, that’s completely on them, and hopefully, you think “if it’s gonna make you happy to treat other people like that, then all the best. I hope you have a great life doing that and it’s very fulfilling for you.” But for yourself, you have to know that you can get through it, walk by and at the end, be a better person.


Thanks for reading!