Hi everybody, this is Shelby Olyschlager and welcome to this post!


So I wanted to talk about one thing I realized when I was just observing the world one day. I’m seeing people and how they show up into the world. When I went on my internship experience, I learned a lot. The one thing that I think was super important is the ability to make yourself available for opportunity!

That sounds a little odd I think, but hear me out.

If you show up somewhere and you’re not prepared or planning on something amazing happen, do you think there’s a chance of something like that actually happening? It 100% starts with you and where you’re at, and what you want to get out of something or a given situation. So on my trip, that was a main goal of mine,  I really wanted to put my best step forward, always be available for learning and meeting people and seeing how they could help me transition through my trip. I was totally by myself and I really did need the help of other people to get myself around and get through it.

That was kind of a big piece of my puzzle going down in the States and definitely just when I was watching people; cause I do that sometimes. I was just seeing, seeing how they’re showing up. Like if they show up ready to tackle whatever comes up and you can tell by their presence. I know you don’t want to judge people how they dress, but I mean if they’re dressed polished, it shows! I thought of, it like it’s their interview or their first day on the job, they’re going to show up like they’re 100% self and people lose that. People after a year they start to lose that. Or, they are in a relationship. And then after a year you get comfortable and then you kind of start losing that or after you’re done school and everything, you’re just working, you lose that ability to really try.


Be the best person you can by showing up like its your first day of work or your first day of school or your interview before I even got the job.

You show up as your 110% person and why does that change? I honestly think it’s something I work on as I don’t want to lose that. When I go out or when I’m doing anything, even with these videos,  I want it to be the best and I want to be the best in it. I want to keep striving to get there and I think we should take every day as it’s our first day on the job.

I think with that, you can learn a lot more than you thought was possible. You just have to open yourself up and be willing and available to have those opportunities come up. You never know what can happen to you because you were prepared for something. You could have met someone that totally changed your life. So, I think every day should be “interview day”. And if you have any thoughts on that, please let me know.

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