Life is going to be challenging, confusing, full of obstacles. Its inevitable

So, how are you preparing now, to be able to handle the things life throws at you?

“How do you” is the question?

How do you become stronger, more resilient and capable thought the hard times that are coming?

Its by developing the resilience now but enduring challenging things WILLINGLY.

What are some examples?

Cold showers. Its my favourite and most resented thing I do. In the moment it is really frekaing hard to turn teh water that sits under ground as cold as possible as it comes through my shower head. It does something remarkable though. Every time I do it, for one, I feel better after. I know there are real health benefits so that is encouraging to make the switch. Also, it is preparing me for my day and life as things arise, and challenges come up. I build up my strength in the shower, I can handle that, I can handle this thing now.

There are many things you can do to help develop this mentally and practice of developing strength, clarity, resistance and courage in your day to day live. It starts by you willingly facing discomfort so when discomfort arises unwillingly, you can handle it with ease, grace and confidence.

Its an amazing thing, really it is.

So for you, what are some things you can do now that are uncomfortable but you know necessary for growth? Signing up for that first fitness class? Putting yourself out there, by maybe asking someone out, asking for a raise you feel you deserve, anything that seems “scary” – that is your answer.

Lean into it. Grow from it. Grow on your own terms of life will forcefully make you grow.

The choice is yours. Choose it today, choose it everyday and life a life you can run, a life you can handle, a life you can enjoy!

Taking care of you by leading by example – empowered people empower people .Start with you..

A simple statement “I am excited for my future” “the future is mine to create”