Meeting people is inevitable. Humans are social creatures and we are told we have to interact throughout to be apart of this society. If the thought of it makes you internally shake, then, I’m here to tell you that uh ya, me too.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

If someone told me before “oh you get to meet so and so” I would smile and act excited and say something like “okay, cool!” but deep down it was a very different story. I would tell myself “This is no biggie, I meet people all the time. What is there even to be worried about? Confidence Shelby, confidence.”

Despite all the unnecessary anxiousness I have caused myself, I do actually enjoy meeting new people! Everyone has something interesting they can bring forth and maybe even teach you. I believe that every single person I meet, no matter who it may be, knows at least one thing I don’t. It’s a humbling concept, but it’s true! What’s more refreshing and honest than admitting that maybe you don’t know everything? We sense open-minded, curious people and just speaking for myself, I enjoy interacting with those guys! Humble people are the best.

The struggle can and usually is the initial contact with someone. We are all trying to master this game of life so maybe putting everyone on the same playing field makes it way easier to talk to them. When you look at those unfamiliar faces, just think of them as another fellow, imperfect human that’s trying to find their way through life. It works as an unfearful way to go out there and interact with the scary people of the world. Everyone has a different story and has learnt different things, just start the conversation and let them drop some experience or wisdom on you. It could be life-changing!

Being mindful to stay open and eager to interactions can open countless doors for you. Where I am now, stems from a long line of interactions and experiences. I’ve only had two jobs working for non-family members and both of them happened without handing in a resume. By showing up, asking questions and having conversations with, at the time strangers; it did more than a piece of paper ever could. Our personality speaks volumes and forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone to show people who I really am, allowed me to connect with those future employers. It’s crazy to think none of it would have happened if I didn’t show up and network as my true and honest self. It’s not easy to do while dealing with the anxiety of putting yourself out there but trust me, its worth it; and like anything you do in life, the more you do it the better you get and the easier it becomes.

They say positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive experiences. The same logic applies for meeting people. If you can be open about who you are to yourself and everyone around you, it becomes a magnet for the same things to come into your life. I find it easier to approach someone who comes across as honest and friendly since it brings out your honesty and approachability as well. It just makes for a good first connection! Also a bonus, it will naturally keep those people in your life who actually like you for you. What a novel idea!

With all these people coming in and out of your life, every one of them has a purpose for you. You might not see it at the time but everyone can teach you something if you let them. I was once told there are two types of people you will meet in your life. One is the person you inspire to be like. You see who they are, what they’re doing and you decide that’s how you want to be as well. On the flip side, there are the people that you meet and you realize you don’t want to be like them. They may treat you or others a certain way that you really despise but try to you keep your positive values intact and step back to observe what it is they do. Try to notice it and don’t follow their ways. If you take that unpleasant experience as a step toward personal growth, you just figured out that negative person taught you something as well; who you don’t want to be! You can’t control how others act but you can control how it affects you, ultimately you are in control. Choose to learn from it and move on from that unfortunate experience and person.

The beautiful thing is you can take all that information from others and choose what you want to apply to your own life. Then, focus on being that person others aspire to be and more importantly who you want to be! If you can inspire and change one detail of someone’s outlook on life in a positive way, you just won.

Another thing about this is you don’t have to tell people you’re a good person either, your natural aura is noticeable to everyone. There are no shortcuts here, but luckily, if you’re a decent human to everything around you, that won’t go unnoticed. So, why are you going to show up any other way? Being the lovely, natural self is by far the best and only way I would ever want to be present at any moment.

Maybe it’s just a one-time, interaction with a stranger. You might have made their day by just being present and listening to them. They might be sharing some random story to you from when they were younger; just give them your time and attention. Time is the most valuable thing we can give and luckily for everyone, it literally is free.

To Conclude, people don’t always remember what you said to them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

With that being said, I challenge you to be positive, be you and try to make someone smile. Develop the mindset to get out of your comfort zone and go do the whole meeting people thing. You likely won’t regret it and who knows; It could become the beginning of something so great in your life and you don’t even know what it is yet. The novelty of the unknown is powerful, go explore it!

Thank you for reading,