As I was walking towards the barn one day, my feet were sinking a few inches into the newly laid snow. It was a beautiful winter morning where I looked around, feeling and breathing in all the “thank yous” for this moment. It can be so beautiful when we realize and feel the true moment of right here, right now.

This short story gives a lesson of trusting new paths

Sometimes I am a person who NEEDS to see exactly where I am going before I take any steps towards it. I need to know the most, feel prepared the most, and usually not even follow through because I don’t see it as clearly as I want to.

I had this fully body realization that has changed my perspective of this thought, or inner obstacle that had been slowing me down.

I will say first that I think we do need a plan, we need to know what we want in the future. But in my case, the need for the plan actually stoped me from taking ACITON. Which is the final step to any manifestation you want to bring, so action is really important. And one I have been missing out on doing, because hey, it can be scary to start living as someone you haven’t lived like before in this life.

When I started to walk back from the barn I wanted to play a game to see if I could walk naturally in the same footsteps I took getting there. As I was trying to walk the same path I realized it was quite challenging to place each foot exactly in the imprint I had made earlier. I thought “walking on clean snow where I didn’t see the step was easy. But trying to step in places I knew were there was way harder.”

Was this relating to life?

I think so; I felt the difference. It was an easy experiment that left me pondering if I had been too focused trying to step in a spot I could see clearly that I was missing the idea that new paths are always on fresh snow. I had to walk my own path and be ok not seeing the full picture but believing and trusting in the steps that I am taking.

I think trust is a big key. We will talk more about the power of trust. Trusting what has happened and what is happening to you. Trust and relax the process, it hasn’t been laid out yet in the snow for you to see but your path is there for you to create.

We are all trail blazers in our own way, will you own your path and walk it with confidence?

thank you for reading,

Your coach and supporter always