I am on the right track. I am where I need to be in this moment in order to grow into the person I am here to become. I am slowly evolving into my higher self by taking conscious steps that allow such growth.

I tap into my intuition and let my innerself guide my decisions and I trust it, I trust myself. With good intentions, I will always do what is best for me, for others, and for our world. Good intentions drive my actions, before I make a move I ask “is this beneficial for myself, for others or for our world?” Then I act accordingly, full of trust and timing in my journey.

I observe the world around me with empathy and compassion, not knowing what everyone is going through. I am willing to put my own issues to the side so they can process and act in a way that suits them with where they are in their own unique journey.

Life unfolds all around me. Life is beautiful and I bring my attention to the amazingness of it thought out my day. I approach new things with curiosity and an eagerness to experience more, knowing I am here to experience all that life can offer.

When things don’t go how I want, I choose to let go of my expectations that they are supposed to go my way. I focus my energy of showing up as my best and highest self, no matter the situation I am in. I trust that in time, I will be given the gifts I need, when I need it.

Today is precious, it’s the only moment I have that I can take a deep breath in, and a slow soothing exhale out. The present moment is all I have and I am going to use it to my full advantage; even when I am resting. I know, to be well rounded, I have to allow all of life to come through me, this includes resting, recharging and regaining focus on the offers of the future present moments.

I am the controller of this vessel. I am in control of me. I take that power with me everywhere I go. I am here to enjoy life and share my love in all ways I can.