The craziest things happen when I put my phone away and just sit in silence… I start to think.

I start to think about myself, my life, my day, my feelings. My brain starts to go travelling down these road in my thoughts and I have the clear open space to follow. I make an opening in my mind to go with these thoughts.

Through lack of distractions, we are able to uncover and bring to the surface so many things we may be ignoring.

Your destiny is inside of you but you are surprising it, ignoring it and not allowing it to come out to the surface.

We do that with distractions. With numbing ourselves from, well, ourselves. 

We numb with:

In short – Consumption / Consuming

  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Phone
  • Social Media
  • Netflix
  • Just always consuming

And be careful, I know some of you consume healthy information. And that is GREAT!!

But, there needs to be a time and place for you to consume your own inner knowing. It might feel strange but being quiet, it might feel overwhelming but that isn’t a bad things at all. Just let it be. Be still enough to allow new rushing waves of thoughts come flowing in your mind. I promise, keeping your mind open and accepting of these thoughts will eventually bring you clarity.

You will find the clarity maybe you’re searching for by watching people you want to be like or by constantly educating yourself. Again, those are not necessarily a bad thing

But too much of anything becomes a bad thing.

It is all in moderation. 

Moderation means mindfulness amounts of a given activity. 

This is the sign I am giving you to start to clear away some time and space to simply just be. To allow your thoughts to wonder. To allow yourself to listen deeply to them. To question with curiosity and to be open enough to receiving the answers. 

You have it within you. Its time to open the door to them, Open it by being still and being quiet.

With love as always,