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Welcome to We Can Hustle

You have come to the right place if you are a barrel racer eager for more!

You have always been driven to do what you love and you love to do it well.  You work hard to better understand your horse and you try hard to get those few tenths off your time.

People tell you that you had a nice run even though there is always room to improve. You have the right attitude, a good horse and you have done all you’re “supposed to do“. Yet, you’re not totally content with the results.

Despite the help, you have received and how far you have come as a rider, you’re still second-guessing yourself. Hurting your confidence in the process and unable to grow forward.

You want to be the best team with your horse

Everyone starts from somewhere and it’s all about learning things the right way. It doesn’t matter what you know or don’t know, it’s about continuously educating yourself on the care and handling of these animals. Get confidence in your abilities by creating good habits and ultimately helping your horse perform at their best level. 

You want to be apart of a supportive community of like-minded people

In order to perform well in the arena, we must take the proper steps to get there, and it starts with ourselves! There is a lot of behind the scene work we have to do in order to achieve our optimal self. Either in the saddle or not, the mental aspect of day to day life and competition starts here.

Who I’ve Helped

When faced with the difficult task of finding my daughter Olivia a new barrel horse we were introduced to Shelby who had a great mare for sale. This was a big step up for Olivia so Shelby offered to coach her while she learned how to ride Lilly and this was a great portunity. Olivia and Lilly are a great match and thanks to the coaching, they are getting along great. This was over a year ago and Shelby still helps Olivia stay on track. What a great experience.

I would highly recommend dealing with Shelby.

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It’s all about positivity, learning, supporting each other and much more!

If you haven’t joined us yet, go over to help keep our squad growing!

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