Dont be scared by the word “divine”. Divine means all of us, we are all connected. We are all apart of it. Anything with a consciousness is apart of it. Every animal all over the world, humans included. Horses are a channel to feel it more deeply. Much like when you take a nature walk, or let the sun shine its rays down on you in the morning, you can’t help but feel you are interwoven with all that is. Even though all animals are intertwined in the “divine” connection; there is something different and special about horses. They are prey animals, but they aren’t always afraid.

With horses, they give us so much more than what meets the eye. As a horse girl, we always say the most peaceful sound is the sound of a horse munching on some dry hay. Funny the sound of people eating is a totally different story! But horses, witnessing them peacefully eating is so calming for us too.

Why is that? We connect to the horse without realizing it.

We feel their peace, we feel their comfort. Their energy is saying “I am content in this moment right now” and they give us some of that energy too. Its a continuous transfer of energy. Right then and there, we pause to hear the quietness.

Night check is one of my favourite times just for that reason. It’s dark outside but lights are on in the barn and everyone is peacefully in their “room”. I top up their water, give them an extra flake of hay and I say goodnight. But before I turn the lights off I pause, taking a big inhale to breath of it all in. They’re content, they have all they need. As do I. Food, water, shelter, companionship of fellow horses around them. What else do we need?

They need nothing. The horses are in the moment, fully satisfied.

Nothing else matters to them other than what they are doing, which is usually eating. It’s meditative. They connect us to the calm, then connect us to the true nature of being. They connect us to what’s most important; right now.

We can go through the motions of taking care of horses, we can rush and rush, which I think a lot of us do. We rush to ride, we rush to be done. But how often do you find yourself really in the moment with them? Allowing time to slow down and you slow down with it?

Someone told me “You learn from horses so who is really training who”. I thought about that for while and it is so true! Horses are one of our greatest teachers, but only if we allow it. Only if we accept that we have something to learn, somewhere to grow and improve on.

Next time, start seeing life through the lens of the horses. See how simple their existence can be in our safe fields, with all the survival requirements. They’re content, they have all they need in the moment. Maybe it’s time we start seeing how we also have all we need in this moment too. 

What are your thoughts?

Readers Thoughts

“They remain attuned to the world around them while living completely peaceful in the safe moments. 

As people, we carry so many moments around with us that we can’t see the present through them. The past and the future distract us from what is. Now. Here. Horses can help us to release what isn’t, and embrace what is. They have such strong and honest energy, it is impossible not to feel it when we are with them, if we are open to it. We need to allow their energy surround an embrace us; draw us in and connect us to the divine.” – Casey G.

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Sending Love and Support always!!