No matter how you feel, the sun will continue to rise. No matter how well your race was, the way you feel about yourself and your journey is all that matters.

In the grande scheme of things, what’s even the point of being nervous or having worried thoughts? Especially before a run.

You can’t control the outcome just like you can’t control when the sun comes up or goes down. Our thoughts are not connected to us. Worried thoughts are not helpful and luckily for us, we don’t have to label ourselves as them.

Disconnecting my nervous, pre race thoughts as just things my mind says to try to protect me and that they’re not truly who I am. I am not my thoughts and my world has changed.

What’s going to happen is going to happen. I just need to try my best and realize, there is nothing to be nervous about. My nervous thoughts aren’t me. The negative clutter that goes on in my head without my consent is not me.

I’m a small person on this big planet in the middle of no where trying to barrel race. I really have nothing to be nervous about, ever. Try hard, practice hard, but let the cards fall where they are going to fall. It’s a fun journey if we let it be.

I’ve also been reading @theuntetheredsoulbook and it’s been 🤯

What are your thoughts on what I said?! Does it make sense or not really?