Do you ever state a fact as permanent even though it is really only temporary? Or declare something you do as “its you” do be like that” or its your horse “to always act in a certain way”? An example being “I never feel fully prepared for competitions” or use your own circumstances to fill in the blank.

Those are beliefs that are limiting you into a small space of your own creation. It’s a bubble you are stuck in based on your current status. How we talk to ourselves matters. How we talk about everything matters!

Our outlook can be created on a few things. Either the beliefs of our society telling us what is right and wrong and it’s created  by our own representation of past events that have happened and are shaping our view of reality. 

The first, limiting beliefs because of our social walls created by simply being human. We are supposed to do this and that but only at “that time” in our lives. But who’s decided that it’s truly right for us? The only ones who know us best are ourselves. We know when we have limiting beliefs because they don’t sit right. You feel uneasy being small, you know you have more to offer. If you are to strip off that barrier that has been created you would feel the sense of liberation that anything is possible for you. The world opens up because you are not tied to those beliefs anymore. Wouldn’t that sense of control feel liberating? You’ll feel that sense of excitement for the future because you realize it is yours to create!

Now the other. The limiting beliefs we put on ourselves. It can almost be harder to understand and dissolve than the beliefs society brings.  Everything we have been through has shaped us unwillingly into who we are today. We only have two options in the matter, how we understand it and how we allow it to affect us. 

Let’s say, in a riding sense. You seem to struggle with your first barrel turn. Do you think telling yourself “I always struggle with my  first barrel” is going to allow you to stop struggling? Or will it only feed into the belief that “I always struggle with first”? What do you think is going to happen moving forward? My guess is that you will continue to struggle until you change your narrative. Inorder to truly move forward into the future you want, you have to let go of that belief that’s holding you back into your past experiences.

The awesome thing with our own limiting beliefs is we always have The control. We can choose how we view a situation and we can decide how we talk to ourselves moving forward to the next one. Every race or competition or day is a new chance for change. It starts with our beliefs.

This month I have a challenge. Notice all the limiting beliefs you tell yourself and the once society puts on you. I want you to write them down and write down how they make you feel internally. Go deep, take time to really listen to yourself. Once you write down what they have been in the past. Now write down how you would feel without those beliefs. How would your outlook change?  What would you do differently? Really visualize your future as true to you as possible. I want you to feel it. Once it’s been established, remember it. Make the decision daily on how you are going to take control of your beliefs and show up in a way that sits right for you. You are the most important being in your life, make sure you honor your true beliefs by bringing more awareness to them all. The next step is always forward!