I just got back from my first big race this weekend.It was the panty raid, never been before!

The one thing about competitions and competing; you’re competing against other people but you’re also really competing against yourself. Something I struggle with is just getting really caught up in that and having expectations of how you want to do and perform. Sometimes it just does not work that way and I had one of those weekends where I felt pretty defeated just with my expectations of myself. The hours of work you put into something and then for not to have the outcome that you’re hoping for or expecting is a tough pill to swallow.

So I just wanted to kind of fill in that gap of competitions and expectations.

So going down there, you know, you’re all excited! I remember there’s a meme of dumb and dumber: before the rodeo, after the rodeo, how sad they are. And honestly that was the prime example of this weekend. It was a seven hour drive so it was a long time to reflect on what had happened. We got home around midnight, so I literally just woke up and I thought I’d do a video just cause I’m still heavy in that mindset of trying to be optimistic of what happened. Just looking on the bright side and trying to move forward from this weekend, because it definitely was not ideal!

What I realized: It takes time

It’s really hard not to compete against other people especially the aspect of  barrel racing or any sport and just in general, with where people are at in their life. And that’s really hard, especially at least for myself. I’ve been saying to my mom how I’d love to have a coach, like an actual professional that will tell me what I’m doing wrong and just give me good advice and actually watching me perform. 

When you go to the States and you see people that are way younger than you or whatever; and they’re literally kicking your ass, it can be pretty tough. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and you have to move on and try again and try again and try again.

So when you have something bad, remember…

Everyone’s on a different stage in their life. They have different backstories, they’ve been different places, they’ve learnt different things than you have. So the only thing you can do is try and learn from them. Be mindful that your story isn’t over, it’s still pretty new and t’s just different for everybody.

Everyone has different circumstances and my circumstances are going to be way different than someone else. Someone that’s doing really well right now, they have a big backstory and a lot of things that they to overcome to get to where they are now.  On the other hand, you can’t say that people had things handed to them, but in some cases maybe they grew up with a barrel racing family so they just learned how to do it from someone else.

So I’m trying to be optimistic.

I have lots of time to go back to the drawing board and ask for some help where I can and just take this as a learning curve. Sometimes it hurts, but it’s probably needed. When you go through shit like that, its so true; hard times and struggles really teach you things. And if you didn’t have those shitty times, then you wouldn’t be learning. something to just keep in mind and be aware of for next time you saddle up and go out to do race. you get let down by how you perform or circumstances that happened that didn’t allow you to do as well as you know you can. What did you learn from it?

So, just day by day get your shit figured out

Always learn, everyone’s on a different path in life or they’ve gone through different things to get them where they are. Sometimes it takes longer for other people. Some people might have to work harder to get a certain result so push forward!

Key Points From When My Brother Came In the Video:

  • It takes time. 
  • Don’t be hard on yourself.
  •  You can’t win them all.
  •  Embracing garbage: when you don’t do good or just going through bad stuff. You’re always growing and you’re learning from good and bad.
  • I didn’t do good, but there’s definitely things I can take from it that are positive.

so motivational.