My path, my directions are slowly fading as I slowly stop moving anywhere. Why?

How do I create the once clear path infront of me again? Is it because with each step, my target seems to be taking a step farther away as well? Is it because I feel there are many different signs all leading to different goals and I want them all, but im not getting any of them.

There is a cross road, but I am in the middle of it and instead of two roads, there is about 6 of them spidering away from me. I cannot see all the way through them but I can see in the hill top in the distance what the signs read.

Which one do you choose?

The love? The enjoyment of life only? The business? The money? How do you choose what is best for you?

I want more. I want to be at peace.. Maybe that something I can have now.

I am building a puzzle. It’s not a path but an image of my entire life. One piece at a time, not necessarily a step. Each day I set one piece into the puzzle. The puzzle isn’t fixed, there is no box telling you what it looks like, it is yours to create and mold.

I feel like I’ve changed frames over and over again, the focus I set for the overall image never stays the same. Its can be the worlds hardest puzzle. Like trying to make pieces fit when every piece is grey. Without the clear image of what you want it to become, you will struggle to make anything at all.

This is where focus comes in. Your mind creates the image of the box. The clarity of each piece and where they belong comes from you understanding where you want it to go. Without you, there is no puzzle, there is no anything. Without direction, without the visualization of the future, there is no creation. The puzzle remains half attempted, changed, restarted over and over.

Maybe our lives are made up of many different puzzles? We have the hobby puzzle, we have the work puzzle, the relationship puzzle. But time and time again, we are always the one who decided the direction and the where.

How you are going to make the piece fit each day?

By knowing how it belongs in your life. By having clarity. By seeing the future you want. And by putting one piece in that puzzle. That goal puzzle. That highest self puzzle, what is a piece you can add to it today? What is the one piece? One piece at a time.

Like a puzzle, our lives are build by one at a time. One move, one moment, one decision at a time.