Enjoy this awesome chat with NFR qualifier, Futurity & Derby winner, Ryann Pedone!

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Shelby: Life of a horse trainer! So, when you’re like, when you’re taking these younger horses, what is your process like? When you’re taking these young horses, what is your goal in your process when you’re getting them out to Expo? And also, when do you know when they’re ready? 

Ryann: So, you know this year’s been different. Like my colts are a little bit behind, usually my horses are a little bit behind because I’m kind of a slower trainer but I usually am caught up by Fort Smith last fall, kind of set back a little bit but just because I usually haul those horses quite a bit and really just take them to different Arenas. I usually get three exhibitions so kind of like local through. Let him see the pattern cruise them through. I’m not a big stop on the drill kind.

Build their confidence so I try to treat it like a field trip like okay we’re going to have fun and then like my last exhibition I’ll just like draw to more correct, whatever I need to address and then I kind of like just see where their weakest points are and then I’ll go home and work on that then.

I try to make everything a really positive like positive reinforcement. Instead of like hammering on those colts because I feel like I relate a lot of it. Me as a kid growing up my personality. I didn’t do well with get hammered on. I did well with a lot of hard work ethic but also like positive reinforcement like okay like you’re getting closer but that maybe work on this and approve this and that’s kind of how I treat my colts.   So, I don’t hammer on colts too much. And then I’m big, like, I have to wait on those colts to really come into their own because I won’t be told in a run very much. Everything’s usually with my body positioning and body language and everything. So, my style usually takes a little bit longer and then, I don’t call a lot of horses and I ride a lot of my own. So those horses have to make a berrel horse, especially if there’s talent in there. So, if it takes me a little longer, I don’t get too big of a hurry, so I can’t really rush the part like the process. 

Ryann: So, like this year I’m back on track. So, I started hauling my three-year-old some so well I’ll hold them quite a bit, just take them to different ranch and kind of build on them from their start exhibition of them and just everything building their confidence. And if there’s one, that’s a three-year-old, that’s not real you know, it might hold on for, you know, let him go work cows or something like that. But it’s all about kind of like keeping it fun for them and positive reinforcement. And then those ones that are going to be superstars and ready at the beginning, they’re going to be superstars and ready at the beginning to begin with those ones that are going to take a little longer, I don’t care how much pressure you put on them. It’s not going to not going to make cream rise. Usually just makes like soured milk. 

Shelby: It’s like so many problems that you don’t need and that you can avoid if you just take your time and have patience and I love that like building their confidence, have the patience and kind of like progress how the horse is going to allow you to progress and you’re kind of I guess in that sense you’re like taking them out to test them to see how they do and then you know if they tell you we need to fix this and whatnot. Yeah, I love that and I actually kind of relate that makes me feel better because I feel I always like I start slower and like I’m never on top, but the beginning of the year, but I usually finish the strongest because it’s just that slow progression. So, I kind of like that you said that just of, you know, sometimes if they take a bit longer but as long as you’re doing all the confidence and stuff and just getting them where you want. 

Ryann: It’s kind of funny though because like I was at Fort Smith and it was like, Oh Ryann, you’re having such bad week and I was like, really, I didn’t think it was that bad, you know? I feel so sorry for you. I was like Oh hell! I’m not even feeling sorry for myself. Get your shit together like what they were saying, hey Ryann gets your shit together. No, I mean really my colts were pretty good, I did run on them back for consolation because they’re all pretty good. I couldn’t really ask to do much more. You know for what they’re at they’re just take behind, I feel like I have some really strong colts this fall and then my colts for next year will be, they won’t be behind. Like last year, Rodeo just kind in the amount of colts I have, it’s not like, I had like one or two colts, I could haul, would be no had like ten and all my owners were like super aware of, it’s tough. But it was just a business decision and it’s just, you know, had a give up a little bit in certain areas to do that. 

Shelby: I know that’s amazing. So, what actually made you kind of like that trigger for you that made you want to pursue the Rodeo world. 

Ryann: It’s not my thing, but I think and you got to love it. You know my passion is with these colts and I love like my barrel racing producers and I love my Futurity friends, I don’t have very many friends but the ones I have I like to bullshit with and shut up and you know I constantly learning and I like being around a lot of the trainers and I love watching the horses progressing grow but really like feel the sting, you know, did it for him.

It was really cool to have an opportunity to train a horse like that and then I never really got a full year of Futurity or full year Derby on them just because the breeding or he got hurt this and that. And so, in 2019, you know, Jason and Charlie date, they like to Rodeos they like Ryann, we really want you to kind of think about maybe Rodeo and on them and as like like maybe could make it talk 2019 as like now. Let’s go for 2020.

I’ll get the buildings for 2020. So, if I could go the summer 2019, get the buildings and then we’ll do it 2020. And that’s just like a vision I had. And that’s what I wanted to do. And those guys were really, really great. They provided lots of opportunities. There’s a lot of trainers that don’t get the opportunity to do something like that one, because it is so expensive and anyhow, those that day Jason and Charlie and Dan, they went above and beyond.

So, I was able to fly back and forth. Keep working my horses, they did, you know, I didn’t get any sleep, I didn’t get the Rodeo lifestyle of, you know, hit some Rodeos and then go sightseeing. I didn’t the Rodeos flew home, work my ass off. Get back on the plane go back, you know, and it was it was really long and exhausting and it would have been completely rewarding if I had finished out with stinger but you know it’s a good Lord, just want to test my fortitude.

After 80 I was no anyhow and then I think you wanted to seal the deal in Black. I’m going to make sure you don’t like this Rodeo thing anymore, that’s your fortitude. So anyways but it was it was a really good moment for the tour finale deal. I you know I wouldn’t take that back for anything. Just watch me grow as an athlete because you know everybody has a weakness, you know. I really have to work at it. Nothing is a natural ability for me, I’m real passionate everything I do, but I had I’ve worked every bit of it. Whether it’s like fitness, whether it’s like studying everyone, I load up and go and hot for free from years and I’m still learning but to watch my mental growth grow where I could handle the pressure, like at the tour finale, they gave me a shot to get in there, you know, be eight, fourth and then come in there and win it on a horse that I trained and watch genetics come into play and just a team come into play, and just the whole thing come together. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. I wish I had had a for the finals. So, if I had known, you know, that, that was just a, just a thing, you know, just something that it just for and it made me even more hungry to get back into the Futurity world and miss with my colts and be home with all my animals and stuff. Like, right now, I’m driving home. I’ve got six dogs with me my bird in my badger. 

Shelby: Love it. 

Ryann: That’s like you know that that kind of thing but the next step you know is seeing Stinger get well and come back sound and then watch him, I think he haven’t shared to do great things. And that’s something that I thoroughly enjoyed as a trainer like making these horses watching them grow and trying to match him up. And for, you know, I have someone that was like your idol growing up by the horse that you trained that’s it, that’s out of her great Mary, you know? 

Shelby: Yeah. 

Ryann: So, it is all worth it. 

Shelby: Yeah, absolutely. Even like the highs and lows kind of, because like, you’re in a far experience, obviously, I don’t know super detail, but for me, I’m like, man, this poor girl. Like, I felt like you said, just all the tests you had. I’m like, man, what else does this woman have to go through. So, it started like, Stinger is just like absolutely amazing and I was super sad. As I’m sure a lot of people were to not see you guys perform in the finals and how like, what did that take for you to mentally kind of? I guess, just wrap your head around that and move forward the best you could. 

Ryann: Well, what do you do? I mean, there’s nothing to wrap your head around, you know, when you just adjust, that’s just life, you know? So, you make the best of it. I gave my, you know, hundred and ten percent. You know and as long as I tried as hard as I could, there’s nothing more I could do. I left you know barrels up all tonight’s got average check, placed in one of the rounds you know it was just it just was one of those things. It was a beautiful deal to get there, you know close out the season, really strong.

It was great memories with that horse and then, you know, what are you doing? You just like life does that to people and there’s some people that want to wall in their sorrows and I don’t have any pity for people about that because it is what you make it. You take the good, leave the bad and you learn from it. So, I learned a lot from it and it made me appreciate where I’m most passionate at.

And it was a very nice goal to have, you know, not every time that there’s tons of great trainers and how many great trainers have. You know, there’s a lot of people that dream of going to dinner far and I’m just super fortunate to, you know, had the opportunity to go one time. So, take that and super grateful for the opportunity and I’m super grateful that it kind of made me appreciate where my passion is even more so than made me appreciate like my world of Futurity in derbies even more so because if you Rodeo for, you have to love it, love it and you know it just it’s not so my passion, it’s not something that rocks my world, you know? But um but there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s what you’re passionate about. However, it was a good story because, you know, where I come from Florida and if you go back to like my High School Rodeo career and stuff, I was like nobody.

And then when I moved out to Texas, I mean, if you go through everything and it’s like that with a lot of trainers, some people get handed stuff a little bit easier. Sometimes life, just gives them throw them a bone, a little easier, some of us have to scrape crawl, you know, I’m one of those people that had to scrape all just and I learn to do it with a smile on my face and take the good and leave the bad and just kind of get gritty and step over stuff. I mean, that’s its it was good to see a progression from like where I came from in Florida, right in the kind of horses I rode to close it out like at the door finales and making it to the finals. And, you know, it’s a good motivation for a lot of people that you know, they ever have doubt that they can’t, they can’t you know, you just can’t ever let your brain tell you can’t, you know, everything. Everything is possible, as long as you. Yeah, you know, have it up here.

Shelby: You feel it. And you think it’s, you can actually make it happen and I kind of liked that story anyways, a bit more of like, and I feel, yeah, like you said it’s so much more relatable but also going through the trenches and learning that way, I think you come out so much wiser and have way more knowledge. Like you like you said you learned through those experiences and if you learnt like that’s a good thing. So, I just kind of like that like I appreciate that type of journey and that type of beginning because I mean like I really should have just you figure it out on your own like and you have to get that gritty drive because if you don’t have it, then you’re not going to make it just kind of like you what you said about Rodeo, what was the beginning of your story? Like what got you into Futurity horses?

Ryann: Well, it’s really funny because like I was big intern, I have a finance degree but then when it came out to Texas, you know it’s really interesting what life throws at people then what makes them change their ways and kind of go down different, go down different paths. So, like I used to have this huge passion for Acupuncture and I want to give a nice bunch of school in Equine Acupuncture, and Chiropractic, some Homeopathy. And I want to help all these people and everything and just different things that life threw at me. And trying to change my personality a little bit, kind of change my passion through everything into my colts, just some stuff that happened in life. And even though it’s not anything I wish upon anybody; it was definitely a learning experience and it made me really tough really gritty and super I would say arrogant but confidence like to be able to do stuff on your own make decisions on your own. Tell people know if they’re stepping on you, telling people exactly what you think black and white, you know, that’s a lot of issues with the world now, today, everyone’s worried about hurting each other’s feelings. You don’t have to say anything ugly. Said to be very honest and upfront.

Shelby: A little selfish kind of

Ryann: Any horse trainer, any athlete that that’s all they do is eat, drink, and sleep what they do and they had that much passion, they’re selfish. So, I feel is like anybody that gets with a horse trainer or any type of athlete doesn’t matter. If they’re really good at what they do, they’re selfish in a way that’s part of it.

Shelby: Yeah, not a bad thing at all though.

Ryann: Well, no. I mean that’s one of the big reasons why I’m not a big producer. I’ve got fur babies, literally guess I’m selfish, but I do enjoy it. Help people like I want to help people that want to be helped. So, like it’s fun to see different people that, you know, like get a horse for me or have like desire to start. Like, if there are ways of training or their ways of understanding of horse kind of match with mine, it’s fun to see like how people grow at their horses, you know.

Shelby: For sure.

Ryann: And there’s a lot of different types of horses that I rode. Breeding like, bloodlines wise, I mean, I rode a spectrum of different horses and I can get along with the spectrum of different horses, whether it’s not just one certain bloodline and that I kind of contribute that making a chicken salad out of chicken shit, like learning to adjust to a horse and figure out how to speak their language, but different bloodlines.

Shelby: Yeah. How did that happen? Like, what is that? Like, for you actually? Because I was one of the things I want to know when you’re going to a race and you have, how many horses that you’re running? Like how do you kind of I guess almost current [inaudible] the different horses like going from one horse to the other. How do you get your mindset ready for horse? Is there a problem?

Ryann: You know all my, all my horses. I let them have like, so I give them an outline so they have an outline, but they understand my body language. So, if you see a horse running off with me, it’s there’s no way I’m going to make it good because I don’t handle horse very much. It’s so it takes me a little longer to get those horses that has like feel my body. That’s like kind of what I don’t like to handle over street much, but they felt with me and I kind of give them an outline. Like, hey, this is where I want you to go. This is where I want to do with my body does this. And I really study like my videos, like okay, like if I have a we’re stepping off, or if I have a worst cut in, like I go back and I watched my videos and I watch my body position. Because a lot of people a lot of trainers, like I hear a lot of trainers, you know, and some people are just out to win their Futurity year that simple. I’ve got to make a horse to be sold at the end of the year or go on to the owner. So, in these horses that are that were riding a lot of them are bred to be Barrel versus. Yeah. So, there’s really should have a high percentage of once that ache maybe not your top three winners, but the percentage could be someone’s made now for winter down the road, so I kind of give those folks outline. And then I let them kind of fill it in with their own style, but if you watch a lot of my horses, I kind of need they all kind of run and response my body all the same. I don’t have to do that much different.

Shelby: Right, just to make your life so much easier to ride. Like if you know your horse is doing this or this. Like, it might be a me problem because the horse learns, what your body’s telling it. And I think that’s like nine times out of ten. Anyways, I love that. You watch your videos just to see, like, what am I may be doing wrong to cue the horse incorrectly because if you’re doing it so consistently which you definitely need to. I guess when you have that many horses and I’m sure you learned that maybe the harder way to like, just developing your own style, right? So, like I absolutely love your style. Like I watch your videos on like, man. Like you just stay so square and I feel like you’re so cautious with your hands and you are super loose. So, can you kind of like explain your style a bit like when you’re working your young horse is like what is the outline for you when you’re training them for Futurity?

Ryann: Yeah, I try to keep it simple and I tried to keep them just train them to be so. I don’t want them overthinking it and I try not to put over pressure on so I wait for a lot of that those horses to come into themselves like and I can feel a lot of colts. Like there’s circles, I can feel like this is going to be a badass and I can feel it and then like I might be like old man, this is a damn good goal. You know, a lot of my friends will be looking at me like okay. Yeah, okay. Then I mean I’ve even had some trainers. Say, I need think they’re all good, but I mean, I find good and all of them. I just thoroughly enjoy the horses and I mean; I love a horse and I try to kind of build on their good. And some of them going to be more superstars than to others. And as I get older, I’m going to have to be more selective with which ones they keep in red and which ones I try to like place somewhere or whatnot because I can only ride so many. But so, I, you know, I grew up riding with lots of people in Florida, [inaudible] Wilbert, Alice Daily and then Kim Landry, and they showed me different stuff than what I moved out here in Texas. I mean I could keep going and watching and I went wrong with Dina Sam and there’s some stuff I took from Dina. I’ve gone wrong rode with Ron Ralls and so like my stuff is just constantly growing and learning and watching and when you get your ass kicks go and you watch who wins and see what they’re doing different. And sometimes, you know, it’s nothing you need to change. You just got to keep working and your time will come. I mean, if you’re on the right track it’s not your turn. I don’t care. Like you’re not going to make it your turn by trying to force it. It’s like you got to just keep to the ground, keep to the grind and then it’ll turn around. I mean, I know what I want to put lots of people, but anyhow. So, I just really, it’s kind of like a dance in a little bit. I’m a little bit more philosophical trying to get into their minds those colts where they enjoy it and have fun and be stay out of their way and then just flow and grow. I do find that it’s like interesting because if you keep them longer, it’s like those horse like they’ll hit their highs. And then you’ll see like certain horses, not all horses. Certain horses they’ll go through like a down time where it’s like they just not like some weird like well they just lost it whatever but it’s just like a growing time that gave me. They’re getting stronger. Maybe you got to adjust something, you know, until there’s a skill like 9, 10, 11 12, and you got to really season better. And that’s one thing. And sometimes it’s older than that, but it’s a constant growth and I tried to keep people’s minds for they don’t beat themselves up over or beat up the horse over it or quit, you know I mean it’s a Barrel race. It’s a growing thing and it is and that’s where people think, you know, it’s not a car, it’s a being. So, like a lot of time some is place into it and the stars have to align, you know, I just I mean I’ve seen it a million times like you know, just like American semifinals like in my opinion like happy was I was running him at semifinals. And he threw down that first run. And I was like, oh heck, yeah, well then, I get there Friday, and you just weren’t right, anyhow. He was getting really sick next day. I mean, full-blown sick. And, you know, that’s not anyone’s fault. That’s just bad luck.

Shelby: Yeah.

Ryann: So, you’re tired, you know? And, and I see a lot of people get bad attitudes about it, but it’s like I, you know, if you’re working hard and you’re doing everything you possibly can, and I mean, I feel Like I try to always taught my eyes crossed my T’s. Really, really try, try to keep my horses fit healthy, you know, keep my mind, open and train, train hard and stuff. I can’t, I got to let the cards fall where they fall and then,

Shelby: You know what eventually it’s like, eventually going to happen though. Like, if you’re doing all the things, you know, at some point, if you just keep consistent, keep falling through with the plan, it’s going to be your turn one day and yeah, maybe,

Ryann: Yeah. I mean, Yeah, as long as you’re kind of all the right path, there’s some people that might need to get a little bit of help, you know, but that’s part of keeping your mind open this part of being a, you know. Yeah, I so anyhow you got to find what works for you and you know, watching people grow that come and get help and watch it. Different people grow as trainers or different people that come by with you and grow as jockeys. That’s very rewarding to. So, I always and some people like and I wouldn’t give out all your secrets as. Like, there’s no secrets. I tell people what I do. They have the one, outwork me, and two they have to actually go and do it and apply it and you know what? Not very many people follow through. Yeah, some people think I’m full of shit. People take it and I watch them change and just like yeah like I watch a Jody just create history this past weekend for days. I mean that was huge. She came, it started right in a couple years ago. It’s just a little off and on sipping a cup of worst days that just needed time. You know, can’t push them. They weren’t ready to be pushed and just trying to get her mental game, where she would just slow down and not, try to win and just let it happen. I mean, she’s really, to me, come a long way in a very short time, but she really came and she like believes, like, everything is said, it was like, take it to the moon, and live like I don’t know. Just tweak some stuff to make it your own style, but, you know, in to watch somebody, like really believe in. Like, it kind of fit her style with into go, do what she did. And just like, first time make the finals, I think I’ll win the Derby. Oh no, I’m going to show it up and when the freak in Derby to I mean that’s fun to see. It’s fun to see people do that. You know.

Shelby: Got to be their cheerleaders. You know like cheer each other on.

Ryann: Yeah, especially when they work hard.

Shelby: Yeah, for sure. I actually

Ryann: I always there’s some people that might not care for but I always respect the horse.

Shelby: Yeah. that’s true. And that’s a good way to look at it. Actually. Instead of the person it’s like, it’s always the horse first, kind of thing. And if you can help tours, help the person, help the person, help the horse, and then they’ll win the Futurity and Derby. Yeah.

Ryann: Yeah, that was really amazing. And then she dates my brothers and my brother takes all that credit, you know, because everyone, he trains stinger and Jodi’s dated him. He’s got he’s got her versus train to.

Shelby: Oh yeah. Well thank your brother. That’s awesome. But yeah, one thing you said that I literally just saw the quote and I mean like I’ve heard people say it’s like why are you going to give your secrets away or tell people like what you know? But it’s like I literally read a quote today and it said I’m going to tell them because no one’s actually going to follow through like maybe 1% actually going to take action on the advice. So, give all the best advice ever because like you know there’s such a small comes.

Ryann: It comes back to you. You give you give back.

Shelby: Yes

Ryann: And it comes back to you. That’s it. That’s the big thing. I mean there’s some people that you know, I mean but that’s just life. I made it happen all the time but I’m a big believer like you give and it’ll come back you know, people that need help and it’s going to come back.

Shelby: Exactly. And that’s why I love barrel racing. I feel like there’s so many life lessons there, like you learn so much more just about yourself and about how life Works through just barrel racing in the competition and just the whole community in itself is a huge learning curve.

Ryann: Oh yeah. Yep. And I love good competition. I mean, there’s a lot of people that fret it but I mean that’s what makes it fun. You know,

Shelby: That’s true. When you look at it like that, you have to, you can’t be like oh, they’re there. But it’s like imagine if they weren’t there though. Like what would it be? Like it wouldn’t be that fun. Like if it’s easy.

Ryann: Oh man, that’s the fun of bragging rights.

Shelby: Yeah. Exactly.

Ryann: If you’re going to win when it gets best,

Shelby: Literally love it. Um one thing you said that I wanted to ask is you mentioned how when you’re helping? What was her name.

Ryann: Jodi Miller?

Shelby: Yes, so when you’re dealing her like about the mindset. It’s like you’re trying too hard, you know, just don’t think about winning, don’t try to win. Like is that kind of your mental process for a competition?

Ryann: Well, you know, I had to work a lot of my brain, my brain was my biggest enemy for a long time and there’s a lot of times that I might she called on a horse more than I do. But I’m a big. I’ve been. I’ll let a lot of stuff. Roll, one turns any time. You know, keep it smooth, you know, sometimes like if you if you’re in Futurity someone just throws down a freaking run and, you know, you’re not going to get that run to make a good business, running it up average chat, you know. Like smart like drives hard and if you’re set up with it, you know, go for it but, but don’t try too hard because a lot of times people try too hard and they go for that winner. They go for that blood, and they get the horses way and instead of just I mean you watch some of the best runs like you know, one of the most beautiful jockeys to watch, run is Cassie Mallory. And you are some of her best runs. It’s like poetry in motion. It’s so smooth. And that’s, that’s where I. That’s what I like. I like to try to keep it smooth, keep it simple. Stay out of your horse’s way and in my opinion next, that’s with what really should stop at. And then there’s some times that you do got to go for a little blood but, you know, pick your battles. Kind of a deal.

Shelby: Yeah. How do you handle that though? Like if you know you’re going because I was reading a little about you and you said like, well, it said, you won this huge Rodeo right before the NFR. Did you? Like, you must have known. That was an important Rodeo. So, there was obviously a high school.

Ryann: Oh, it’s the only way. It was the only way I was in its final.

Shelby: Yes

Ryann: The whole setup, if you don’t know Rodeo which I mean I didn’t even know what the heck Pro Tour Finals work oh ok, awesome. Well like it was luck even got their game because they have except once it to you had to be in the top eight. Get back to the finals on Saturday. Saturday is complete sleigh, but out of that topic, you have to be at top 4 and I had to be just with like to get back to say, Saturday. I was last hole so I made back in Saturday’s 8 hole that was just pure look divine intervention, it’s my dang turn, whatever you want to call it, I made it back. But for whatever reason I did I was like in a fraternity at Ardmore and it had to get Jody to hop on my colts and ride them Saturday because I catch a flight to up there to wrap it because I didn’t even think I was going to get back. I mean it just was meant to be and I just had a gut feeling like I get back to top 8 make go make a run and then when I got back, when I made that run top eight, they took back the top four. I just had to be third or better in that top four to get back to the final files to make it to the finals. I was fourth? So, I still so I either had to be first or second out of those four. And those four, four, two world champions that Donna came rule of Valor. I mean, like seriously. I mean so I do, I do for that final four. I mean, and I just like threw it like this. Wait for it because there’s nothing else to do [inaudible]. So that was right under the only times I like you really went for blood but I do but I knew my horse I knew he felt really good at his genetics really played a part. I mean that that horse is bred and born to be in those set up speed back-to-back runs like that that’s kind of his snake heads and it just all came together because I guess it was just meant to be.

Shelby: That’s so awesome. I love that And I kind of like Rodeo for that. Like you said, it’s like you have nothing to lose almost at that point. So, you’re like, if I go, if I don’t go for, I’m not going to win. If I go for it, I, you know, it’s either one or the other.

Ryann: It was either I go for it into the finals or I don’t, it doesn’t matter, you know. So, you know, that was just one of those times like you had a going to like make it happen and it worked out because always work out. It worked out this time.

Shelby: That’s so cool. Love it. Do you ever like this just kind of made me think like if you’re in a rut or something you know or just having like a lot of not good luck, you can’t seem to get it like your brain is not for you. It’s completely being against you. Like how do you is there a way that you come out of that? Or you just stay really positive like, what do you do? Like, how do you get out of that rut?

Ryann: I read a lot of. I read a lot of history books. and I think back to our founding fathers and like you get the rut this i mean how big of a rut is it compared to [inaudible] Boston [inaudible] Tour to win the revolutionary world. i mean how big rut should be we have all the big things all the best technology. I mean seriously they have that just get ready you know re assess your situation. So, your brain, it just gets a little tough, you know, that’s what separates the winners from the losers is because the winners of the closer’s, they’re not going to, they’re not going to fold over roll over. They’re going to take a minute figure this out and it’s going to work out, you know, for whatever reason, life is wanting to teach me something. So, I’m going to take the life lesson and carry on.

Shelby: Yeah, so true, I think. Yeah, like you just said, it’s a lot of perspective. Kind of like, if you put in a real perspective, the grand scheme of things, your rut is like, you know, it’s not a big deal, you cannot progress.

Ryann: No read the titular of Auschwitz that that book about the tattoo of Auschwitz, that that’s a rut. Read the zookeepers wife, when they bomb the shit out of that zoo and Poland or World War Two. That’s a rut, you know, like you think kill it all folders beautiful zoo animals but this using that place to hide a bunch of Jews but that’s a rut. Nothing, you know, thank you. You know, watch those boys. Go over there? Well, world war ll really. I mean, though, that really gets me wound up because those boys have been, like, nowadays, you would listen to the Army, you’re listed to their, you know, their forces stuff. Those boys were just Farm boys’ kid, where you know other way to Olympics it pulled out saying, hey, you got to figure out how to fly this plane. And we don’t even know that much about these places. I read a lot of that kind of stuff, and a lot about our founding fathers and just a bunch of really smart dead people that gets me out of my ride.

Shelby: Yeah, can learn a lot from it, too. And obviously, yeah, there are lots definitely can learn. I’m trying like, I like history except I have a horrible memory, which is my problem. So, I learn about and I’m intrigued by it and hearing how things have played out especially in the past. It was pretty brutal back. And yeah, like we’re pretty fortunate and you talked a lot about gratitude which I like just got to be thankful. Yeah, so moving forward, I’m just looking at some of the questions I had. Actually, let’s go complete full circle to the question that got us this conversation that we try to record and we had technical difficulties. But what is the one thing that you wish you knew, or some advice that you had going into your first NFR? If there’s a piece of advice or piece of advice that you just wish you knew in general that you could share with us

Ryann: You know what this in a bar was so different. Like all the girls that went to them for this year. Nobody really knew what was going on. It was through during covid You know, it was just kind of a wacky here, so no one really knew anything. I mean, I guess I would have known wish I would have known, you worked out hard, you’re not going to have your main now. Maybe could have started back in, you know, June and July get to know and becoming a buddy with a you know another horse that really fits your style but you know, it was, it was pretty, I mean, cut and dry. I mean they have a bunch of rules back there. Like if you do this, you’ll get mine I didn’t know that and they have like a little. I mean, that’s how their appearance makes their money. They find the shit out of you over stuff. Um, I’m pretty sure they made some money off that covid. Test to hate me. They try to blame it on Arlington, but I hired a lawyer and you know what it, it wasn’t Arlington. So, there’s a lot of corruption going on there and I just, I don’t know, I love the image that Rodeo upholds. Like the people that like do like the Patriotic Opening Ceremonies and stuff, like, my favorite thing, but, you know, I’m pretty sure a lot of the Barrel Futurity producers would have stood by their people but better than PRCA did over the covid staying and watching, you know, Donna Kay not getting to perform and the calf roper. And I’m getting to compete over a year that over kind of bullshit. So, I guess I would have liked to know that there was a little bit more chivalry and a little bit more like gritty Cowboy-ish – where people would take a stand together a little bit better.

Shelby: Yeah, that’s true. And it didn’t really happen like that. I couldn’t even imagine that. Heartbreak to do all that. And then it’s just like one dumb little test kind of that you could easily like sort out.

Ryann: Some people, what this is, what’s funny to me, okay? So, they what happened was, there’s some people that tested positive but they Isolated for 14 days and they had a doctor’s note saying, you know, you’re going to get that rabbit test. It doesn’t matter how many times you’re going to test positive. What happens is Donny, K is, she did a rapid test and a PCR test. It came back negative which those tests are never accurate. She had zero symptoms. Zero freaking symptoms and to, you know, like if I was, I mean, it’s hard for me to stay but I was 16th girl or 17th. Girl, I would I do. I don’t think I could have taken her spot you know just out of like loyalty and correct. Like a little sense of what’s right is right what’s wrong is wrong and that kind of made me lose my spirit a little bit there too because I have a lot of respect for that horse. Have a lot of respect for Donna Kay and to watch something. So, asinine go down enough or you work so hard? And it was like the worst year and then there’s She had a chance at the world title, she had a chance to win the World there, you know. Anyways it’ll come back around to her but I kind of made me lose my spirit a little bit not going to lie.

Shelby: Yeah, no doubt, no dope, that’s such a hard position to be in to like if you were that spot, I kind of agree with you but like it’s hard to say unless you’re there almost like if I.

Ryann: I know what I would have done if I wasn’t there but you know, a lot of people don’t think I’ve like to function at full level effect.

Shelby: That would have been pretty cool actually just to see like you said just that spirit and just to like take a stand almost

Ryann: Draw a line, you know, draw a line. And that’s what a lot of problems with this country is people don’t tell any lies. You know, what’s right is right? What’s wrong is wrong? What is bullshit is bullshit and.

Shelby: That one’s self in can make a difference to, right? It’s like if you, if one person decides to say, hey this is what I’m doing and you do it in your circle like that does have a ripple effect, I think and it would start.

Ryann: But that it I know I know with my Futurity people that I’m tight with I know I know the producers wouldn’t have treated them like that and II know, I know there’s like some there’s a little bit deeper loyalty in my opinion. Didn’t I mean, some people in the Rodeo business might get really mad about that but you know, there’s just some shadiness because I did hire a lawyer when they said they were going to do that covid thing I had him and he’s actually part of the house and he’s a lawyer. And I mean, he’s part of the legislator legislation, right? Legislation right now in Austin and he called up there to Arlington and he said I hate to break it to you. Ran the good old, PRCA boys, deal. Might not be so good because our Legion, it’s not Arlington. So, somebody was making money off those covid test. I hope it’s like having everything right? I mean I hired a lawyer I paid a lawyer to look into that you know. And that that’s a big issue I have. I mean what why it means schedule is making the money off the test. Yeah, everybody was having to get a test everybody in our little group, was having to get a test and I just wonder who made money off of it. It wasn’t the City of Arlington. So just some of that stuff just kind of gave me a bad taste in my mouth, I hate to say it but.

Shelby: Fair enough. I mean what’s true is true? I guess and you did the background to actually get the facts straight right, which I’m sure a lot of people would

Ryann: Yeah, like I paid a lawyer. Yeah, and I had like let’s fight this shit. Like she was just so devastated I mean they treated her like she had leprosy. I’m not kidding. It was disgusting and she had zero symptoms.

Shelby: Yeah, such a weird deal, such a weird. Yeah. Like even asking the question about the end of our it’s like it’s hard to even answer that because it’s not even a normal. Like nothing was really normal about anything. Like it was just such an odd time,

Ryann: For everything.

Shelby: Yeah. How is it at Futurities and stuff like pretty normal,

Ryann: Totally normal and our producers they work their butt off and you know, I appreciate the producers. Of all these big Futurity is like you go to the Guthrie Pink Buckle, the Ruby Buckle or BBR. Yeah, even the smaller for journeys like Fizz Bomb and Cornhusker did that. They those producers. They work so hard. They gather up sponsorships and their day they take care of us. Yeah. And I just feel like the BRCA just it really sold down there sold the sold their members down a little bit and you’re talking about the cream of the crop that had careful tough year. Had to go to every Tom Dick and Harry Rodeo and it was so easy way to get there. You know, it’s salty. Anyways, that it was just kind of that’s the difference that I felt, you know, everybody has their own perception. That was my perception.

Shelby: Yeah, fair enough. Do you have any plans to do it again? If you have another horse or to go to the NFR,

Ryann: What?

Shelby: Do you have any more plans? I just had to ask. I’m kind of figured out.

Ryann: You know like a bit like I’ve got some horses that I’m keeping like from a breeding program and you know, if I get older and then my husband, you know, like our work slows down and he can go with me and we have like this bus where I can pack my Badger, my bird and horses that we raise. And, you know, I stay out, and it’s just me and him or something. Yeah, probably do it. I don’t ever want to do it like, I did it. Yeah, that’s it. But I have a lot of goals that I want to accomplish in the Futurity world in the breeding industry and stuff like that and I want to do that first. Yeah, and I plan on staying fit enough where I can last a little bit longer.

Shelby: Definitely. That’s very important. Are you, are you kind of like are you dedicated Fitness person? Would you say it?

Ryann: Yeah. And I really, really got really strict. Now, again last year I was just like such a world one and I did as good as I could. But yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed Fitness really cleaned up like I did this. I’m almost done with it. 75-day hard deal and that’s what I’ve got this like a gallon of water, cut out sugars, you know, I don’t drink alcohol, just try to keep everything real clean and try to stomp out any little tempt of mediocrity out. But you know, like some people don’t have to like, but it’s good for my mind to approach it that way, you know. A fun hater but I have a good time. It’s sooner different way.

Shelby: Yeah, and it kind of goes back to just that like you have to work really hard for it and when you have like those struggles, you think, well I need to do it for my mental sake of competition. Like, it’s going to help you out anyways and make you a better competitor, which is awesome. Is that like

Ryann: For me and I don’t like to drink and stuff. I mean like very rare maybe cut loose like once every two years but I’m going to not be, you know, there’s a lot of people that pay me to ride these real expensive horses and you know, if I don’t come through for them, it’s not from lack of try. If I don’t come through for them, it’s not from going out and partying and not doing taking care of business because, you know, that’s their money. And so, I’m kind of big on that. I mean that’s just by like that’s just the way I perceive it and if I let myself down and that way, I feel like I’m not giving a hundred percent and then it flips on my mind a little bit. Yeah.

Shelby: Just the prior like prioritizing kind of what’s important and I think that’s really important to do that. So, when you’re actually just kind of thought of this but like if you’re going to a long weekend or like, if you’re at a huge race and it’s obviously like three days plus, what is your process to stay sharp? If you’re super busy, you’re not getting a lot of sleep or what not, like, how do you actually, like, stay physically and mentally like game on for that long?

Ryann: But I’m a coffeeholic, but I do better tired. So, like if I was a horse, I’m one of those horses that need to be saddled, tied out, close down that stuff like I do better tired. I do better with little sleep. I do better max out.

Shelby: So, you’re perfect.

Ryann: Yeah, I mean, I do better like that and real strung out. I’ve been like that my whole life and there’s not a lot of people that want to like work with me. Work for me for a long period of time because I burn them out, you know, a little of Ryann Pedone goes a long way at first and then it’s like, it doesn’t stay fun do a lot of people for very long.

Shelby: That’s hilarious. Someone asks me. They’re like, I’m like, what do you have questions for Ryann? They’re like, what is her Starbucks order? They’re like her energy.

Ryann: I don’t shop Starbucks anymore. I find local coffee. So, no more Starbucks, too liberal. Yeah, and they support everything. I don’t believe in. So, yeah, I do no more Starbucks. So, I’m a big, I like Americano. You know one shot of americano, if I get a cappuccino, no syrup.

Shelby: This is how to have energy like right?

Ryann: And I get really sleepy if I eat so well, when I, but, and I’ve also been getting these Factor meals, that are really awesome and they’re all weighed out and real clean now, non-GMO, non-antibiotic. You just pop them in the microwave and they’re good. Like legit Gourmet and they come from Canada.

Shelby: Represent Canada that’s actually good because it’s so much easier to write and if you can cross that one thing off your list that just adds more work to do it that.

Ryann: We work a lot; my husband and it’s even he eats some. And then his son you really need clean up his diet, you know. And they can get those for his like, lunch and stuff and it really good.

Shelby: Yeah. Good to know, make note. Speaking of your husband is he has he always been around horses or like, how did that whole thing happen?

Ryann: Oh my gosh. You want to go there? There’s no conspiracy to our relationship. We get together in 2014, we’re good friends before that. Had a really shitty relationship for that with another vet but learned a lot. And then super appreciative for Don, he’s that goody, fun, really good and fun, super laid back, just really good guy. He loves animals. He doesn’t want to ride in my colts but he can work on of all day long. We don’t ride horses together. He loves like the hunt fish and he actually wrote really good. It’s just that, you know colts isn’t his Forte.

Shelby: It is his Forte?

Ryann: No, they’re not. No, they’re nice for that. I mean he does. He works on a bunch of really good horses. You know, he works a lot of like really good horses but, you know, riding colts and stuff. That’s not his thing. He likes to hunt fish

Shelby: Yeah. Still good to hear though. That probably works well for you to like I feel like because I mean I’m single but if you’re never a relationship and you have that lifestyle like you really need someone that kind of like, has this.

Ryann: Yeah, you can’t be an easy guy if you’re married to a trainer. You can’t be somebody that needs their ego stroke. They got to be a big strong man.

Shelby: Yeah, exactly because you’re busy.

Ryann: Busy and I don’t want to stroke somebody’s ego.

Shelby: Right, you got better things for you. I love it.

Ryann: But we’re a good team. Super lucky to have.

Shelby: Love this conversation, Ryann.

Ryann: Nice!

Shelby: Yeah. Are you, how much, like, how long is your drive right now?

Ryann: Oh man, I got like another 30 minutes to home.

Shelby: Okay, that’s not bad. Are you going there? Tomorrow? Is at what as well?

Ryann: Yeah, yeah. I’ll run tomorrow and I just [inaudible] much my friend Patty Ralls, she’s not really. So going to go there to get there early and watch her and runs colt,

Shelby: But actually, I just thought of something I wanted to ask you. So, you talked about having people help you and work. So, I totally did that internship experience. And I mean, if you’re looking for one, I might be able to drop my life and come visit. But anyways, what is it like? Like I want to know what it’s like working for you like. You say you’re super busy, you burn people out like can you explain that like do you like having help?

Ryann: You know, like I’ve had some really good girls come. It’s I think all of them of walked away with some sort of learning, you know. But it’s a lot it’s a lot to be with someone like me, I’m one not scheduled to don’t sleep much free, it’s not just training courses that we have breeding horses, we have a vet clinic, you know, unless it’s open course, it’s going to be like it’s all over the place. I like to go work out; I’m not organized. You know, it’s organized up here but I just kind of roll with stuff not very structured person, never happened but going to have lots of eating time. So, you got to like animals all over the place. I pay good, but, you know, it had to have a certain type of energy to be around me like said, I had one girl, she was great worker, great worker but you know our energies, just take it light. She’s great worker just wasn’t a good fit there. And then I’ve had other people like, you know, usually interns they come and stay a little while and then they’re gone or you get them right there, right? With they’re good, they’re gone or you know, it takes a special person. The girl have right now is really good. So hopefully she’ll want to stay a little longer than the others.

Shelby: That’s right. It’s like all employees. You train them enough and then it’s like okay we’re on to the next thing.

Ryann: I try to give them an incentive to stay though but you know,

Shelby: What is it like what do they do? Like do you want to be the ones handling the horses or do you let them? You know, if they’re saddling or do you want to be the one does I use?

Ryann: I used to have girls that I showed them what I want done but it depends on their level. I really like to come my goals. I like to be the one that does stuff. During the past two summers, I was Rodeo and so much that those girls I had that super, they were both really easy and they never would be quite some time. And I trusted them before says, but no, I overall, I like to be the one to do the stuff to colts. So, it’s kind of just kids on how do they did, and I do want them to grow as a horseman. So, I tried to show something about on stuff so that they can get their feel or see what I’m looking for if that’s what if they want to learn because I do want them to get something out of it. I mean it’s not like I’m kind of a pain in the ass.

Shelby: Some benefit coming out of here. Yeah. Here, let me give you a lesson. That’s all cleared all over. That’s all you do.

Ryann: Or you know like or put him on a horse and they can learn to feel or you know grow as jockey.

Shelby: Yeah, that’s huge to believe.

Ryann: It’s often good. You know. Not a total bad experience. Trainers, there’s like I mean trainers it takes a lot to be a top trainer. And I don’t think sometimes with interns come into it, they don’t know. They don’t take into consideration on how much it costs. What expectations are on us, how much we gave up to be where we’re at, you know what I’m saying? And I’m super appreciative to the people that helped me get where I am and I am super appreciative to the people that work with me. They even, he even saved work for me like to say, work with me and if I don’t jive, I want, because I don’t like any negative energy. I don’t like that so I’m not one. I woke up my nose to spite my face and I’m getting a little old for that. But with when it’s done, it’s done. Like I don’t, I’m not going to pretend I’m, you know, it’s all good. I think what it’s done. It’s done because I don’t like that. Fakeness so, it’s got to be a good flow, you know,

Shelby: Throw it away. That actually is amazing sight literally saying that and I had that experience where I was totally working for somebody and I literally said that, like, I want to work with you. I’m here to help you. You’re here to help like, you know, I mean, like, it’s supposed to be like that relationship type thing and absolutely love that because it is so true. You’re there to work with them and I think with everything it is working together to better, the whole situation until it makes a lot easier.

Ryann: It makes a lot easier and give the best someone who would be better if I get bad taste in my mouth or it’s not going is done and I don’t like to fight I don’t like to figure. I have been known to give people lectures. I don’t really like that very much, but I have kind of a lecture I have you let’s just like how I like to communicate like all right, you know, but perception is no one’s perfect. But if you can get, if you can finally find that bird to the kind of gels you can, make a lot more money having someone solid with you, but you’ve got to make sure that person gets something in return where they can grow to. You’re not just stuck there.

Shelby: Yeah. So true. Love it. Do usually just have one person. Like how many horses do you even like what is your limit per year for how many horses you want?

Ryann: Oh man, you know what we have a lot of our own so like in my house, I probably have a hundred of horses. So yeah, we have a bunch in riding. So, I can do it all. It’s just like catch saddle unsaddle, you know, we have a very good system then. I mean, that’s what I do, that’s all I do. He drinks and sleep, that I don’t have any but obviously workout that’s my house you know. This is what I like to do. So, it’s very few and far between people that acquired that way. So, it’s hard to find these people that don’t get rid of that. But, you know, and I’m not, I’m not a, I’m not really good with time. My time just goes, like this, just blows, you know, so.

Shelby: Feels that way. Sometimes you’re like, oh shit. Like the days over what just happened?

Ryann: I know, I grew up on a dairy, my concept to time is not good. Like on a dairy, there’s no in, there’s no start. You start when you in then you start then you just close. So, my concept to time sucks.

Shelby: But that’s kind of nice. So, I kind of like that were, you know, you don’t have to really look at the clock, you just get your shit done, you get the job done, and then you’re done for the day, and, you know what I mean? Like, you don’t need to look and see really what time it is unless it’s an appointment but maybe.

Ryann: Yeah, I’m really weird about astronaut signs.

Shelby: Speaking of Zodiac, what’s your sign?

Ryann: I’m an Aries.

Shelby: Okay, I don’t know that much but I totally am into it as well. Like there’s something there.

Ryann: Pisces usually out however like one of my good friends, give me bailer. She’s a Pisces. And when I better as we won’t be friends, very long and then like some of my best clients, it’s a husband-wife. They’ve been great clients. They’re both Pisces, I go out with them great. So, there’s exceptions to but they don’t work, I work for them.

Shelby: So maybe that’s the thing that’s the difference. That’s awesome.

Ryann: I had a step mom that was a Pisces and she really had a bad taste in my mouth. I’m out of Pisces.

Shelby: Is anyone listening that’s a Pisces? We’re sorry.

Ryann: I’m sure they’re good. There’s just a little emotional for me.

Shelby: That’s hilarious. Can I add to this some research on that? I’m a Leo, and I think…

Ryann: Leo is good, it’s a good sign. You can get along with Leo.

Shelby: I feel like we’re vibe and this is a good conversation. It’s been awesome! I think this has been kind of like the cutoff time. Like we’ve been at it for a while. God Almighty!

Ryann: Perfect!

Shelby: Do you have anything you want to add like, for people listening that might, you know, one piece of advice that you could give everyone a reminder, you know?

Ryann: In life I think it’s really important for people to discover their purpose in their passion, and really dwell into it, because a lot of people kind of wander around in life, trying to figure out what their purpose and passion is and then just go for it. Fall in…

Shelby: Love it. I think you should write a book.

Ryann: Maybe a little bit more, a little bit more knowledge.

Shelby: Yeah, very wise, very wise. Well, Ryann, thank you so much for joining me.

Ryann: No problem. Thank you.