The best Way to Let Go of Unnecessary pressure in Competition and Life

Nothing grows in the energy of “should.” I have officially dropped the pressure of my results of “should” and here is how.

I no longer NEED them in order to FEEL some type of way. I create the feeling within myself and now the outside does not determine the way I feel about myself anymore.

BUT, I just realized, as i am going through my business journey and purpose journey I am putting pressure on myself a lot. I feel “omg I need to get this going already” “I feel behind, I need to follow through” “I’m not getting any closer to it no matter what I do or how hard I try!” – Does this sound familiar??

In order to naturally progress in the right alignment for you, you need to simply allow. You need to do the work to prepare; day by day and moment to moment. 

But, instead of pressure for race day or any day for that matter, you have a new goal!

Your goal is to breathe in, and breathe out.
Do it now. Ok, feel that with everything you do.
Remember, it will turn out ok. You’re not done, you’re never going to reach a “finish line” that all of a sudden you release the pressure.

Pressure is something you create. You can also choose NOW, to not create it.

What does that feel like?
It feels like your’re moving with ease. It feels like you are where you’re supposed to be.

Without pressure there is enjoyment, no matter what. No matter if you “win” or “lose”, you are able to think clear enough to see the lessons and growth in it all.

Drop pressure, enjoy your moments and take it all stride by stride