You know how they said “it ain’t my first rodeo” well, this was my first IPRA rodeo and like the second rodeo ever to be in.

It was weird doing something different and having no clue how it worked.

I heard people say if you have an open horse beware, rodeo is a totally different ball game. Which to me, sure maybe you’re right but it’s still the same three barrels I’ve been doing for the past ten years.. I didn’t want to treat it like some unreachable thing!

So I didn’t!

I went out, knowing my job and working with my horse.. and SHOCKINGLY we placed second in the whole dang thing!! There was over 100 girls entered in this rodeo, and it blew my mind hearing a 14.4 and new top time.

I told my mom after watching some run, “this is us! We can easily do that” and my thoughts didn’t change from that.
Goes to show the mental game required for this sport.

Never put a glass ceiling on your goals or potential results. Do the work and then know it’s possible no matter what!