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Welcome to the Virtual Meetups 

Hosted By

Shelby Olyschlager from

We Can Hustle


This is going to be like your typical type “support group”. Everyone can have a say if they choose in this meetup. This is the time you can share any experiences, struggles thoughts. 

A time to support and listen to problems you’re having. If you want feedback or advice, you are surrounded by equals who might be able to give you a new approach or outlook. 

For these meetups, no topic is off the table. 

Lets, share, collaborate, learn and support! 

This is where the forms come into play.

Previously asked questions you had for our guest will be answered during the virtual meetup. 

These meetups require a listening ear, taking in what the guest has to share through questions and answers asked by the host, Shelby. 

Afterwards, we have stuck around to discuss the interview. What we learnt and took away from it! These are powerful discussions. 

Next Meetup will start in..








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