I’m going to let whatever happen, happen. Im going to try my best, I am going to water my dream everyday. I’m not in control of the outcomes, as long as I continue to nurture toward this and feel it. Want it so bad that you let it go. You want that thing so bad, but you have to let it happen when its going to happen. You need to focus on how you’re going to be prepared, how you’re going to show up for it when the times comes. How you’re going to water the dream. Water who you need to become.

I am going to be okay today. I am going to allow the day to play out. I am going to do what I feel is right for myself and others and my horses. Because that is what I have control over in this moment, to water, nurture my bigger plans.

I am going to show up today, ready, prepared and focusing on me and allowing my horse to take me through he pattern we’ve been working towards all year. Allow my thoughts and body to work together in the way that I’ve been preparing. I am not fixated on the results as they don’t really matter, they don’t define me as good or bad. There’s something bigger in store later on- not even success, just contentment. Being content with what’s going to happen, and allowing that to happen, how its meant to happen and enjoying it no matter what. Just enjoying being here and the life you have because, you have so much to be grateful for. And you actually have the chance. Because so many of us have gone, either they literally have passed, or them not fulfilling their own life missions is a form of passing.

Where that is not going to happen, I feel it.


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