‘There’s a video floating around the internet. It’s called Be a Lady.

I just watched it and this is my take on the film. I heard a few different reasons or people giving comments on what the film or that poem initially meant. My take is that whole thing, there is no winning, there is no third option that is like, “okay, that’s good now you’re perfect”. There is absolutely no perfection anywhere and the perfection that we put on ourselves, either from what we’ve been told our whole lives or just what we feel.

Then we see it online and we basically just get proven to ourselves that that is perfect and we are not perfect.

I have felt that growing up I definitely was not a big person. I was very skinny, very white and I was told that like it was a bad thing. Like you should be more of this, you should be less of that, you should be more talkative, you’re too quiet. And then it goes, you need to stop talking. There is just no third option where you win and that’s what I got from this video. No matter what, whatever society has told us or whatever we have told ourselves or our parents or our friends, there’s an impossible goal that we have. We’re going to be miserable to ourselves trying to find it and it’s not going to happen.

We could go our whole lives trying to form to what society or what we’re told we want and what we should be in order to be happy and I call bullshit. It’s not real.

That video just hit home for me and I just felt it deep because I think everyone’s experienced it. Men have, women definitely from my experience, I know we have. We need to realize what that means, what those feelings we feel mean and not let them control their lives.

We need to be stronger, which I mean it’s not easy to say. But even saying, sorry, we should not be apologizing for anything in our lives; anything that is a good thing for us. We should not have to say sorry to society.

I need to be me; I need to be the best me I can be. And that is the only thing that I care about right now. I hope for you as well. You just have to be bet the best you. You can’t please everyone.

There is no perfection anywhere in the world and don’t ever think there is. The fact that “perfect” doesn’t exist and you’re not perfect, basically means you are perfect, just the way you are.

That’s what I have to say about it. So thank you for watching. This is my take of Be a Lady, they said..