The community + equine education membership that helps all riders become their best self in all arena’s of life.

Join us In The Arena.

Behind our doors, you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to turn you and your horse into an unstoppable team.

  • A safe place to meet other like-minded riders – a community atmosphere where you can be yourself and connect with supportive riders.
  • Video Libraries featuring Various Instructors – Find the exact tools you need to get to the next level; whether that be for your Mind, Body or Ride. 

  • Accountability Calls – We aren’t walking this road alone anymore, stay on track to what you really want with the help of accountably and goal tracking.

  • Book Club – Levelling up is all about continuous education. The weekly book club updates and connect us as we read positive books together.

  • Ask the Pros – Join online events with expert guests and have the chance to ask them your own questions!

  • Off social media App- Surround yourself with the content that makes you actually feel good about yourself. No more distractions from all the noise. Download the WCH Club app to stay connected. 

What’s Inside

Live Events

Every week have the opportunity to learn your way to confidence, inner wisdom and the tools you need to stay consistent on your path towards growth.

 Book Club

During the winter months, we choose a book and we plan weekly meetings to go over the chapter for the week. We love it for personal growth, knoweldge and the accountability to finish the book you started!

Expert Leading Masterclasses

We make unreachable people; reachable.

Our Topics Include:

  • Horsemanship Fundamentals
  • Mindset tools for all aspects of performance
  • Accountability Groups
  • Barrel Racing Coaches
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Breath Work and Meditation

And your chance to suggest future guests!



Be apart of our growing and supportive community of ambitious riders.

With member search, you can connect with others and create the network you need to thrive in this independent sport of horses!

Virtual Group Coaching Sessions

Connect with us directly any time through our off-social-media platform. 

Download the App to have all the access directly to your phone. Have your coaches & cheerleaders in your pocket every step of the way!

Accountability to a whole new level

We don’t have to face it alone anymore..Feel apart of something bigger. Share your goals, your questions, your wins and everything in between. Accountability Groups to support and empower you to take steps forward everyday. 

“I’m so freaking happy that I joined Shelby’s course and the book club that followed!

As somebody who has always struggled to get motivated (especially after a winter off), joining the We Can Hustle community turned out to be the best decision I’ve made all year.”

Casey Genge

Barrel Racer

Working with Shelby was a different experience. It is structured around an overall concept of learning to maneuver the horse with our body and rely less on our hands. 

Julie Baker


The riding style Shelby implemented were very effective for not only my horse, but for myself as the pilot. I found a great difference in my horse’s turns, and my own body positioning. Since working with Shelby, our turns are more fluid, and we work together better as a team.

Jordana Perry

Austrailian Based Rider

I love your podcast I can’t believe the knowledge I’ve gained from just driving and listeneing to your podcast. You truly offer something so valuable. 

Ready to Feel the Seen in a Safe Space?