We Can Hustle Podcast

Shelby sits down with industry leaders or just herself to chat about all things horses & humans.  The mission is to tap into the reasons behind the “whys” in all that we do. From horse training to a performance mindset, to becoming the ultimate leader in our lives.

The journey with WCH is always available for you.



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The best questions or messages for the podcast are ones that are concise yet have a little backstory. Here’s an example of what works and what won’t work:

What won’t work: “How can I stop hitting the second barrel?” or “How can I improve my mindset?”

What works: “I get really anxious before a run. Last year I had an accident that caused me to worry about it happening again. My horse does good but I think I get in the way and I don’t trust him. What’s your advice?”

Keep in mind that your voicemail will most likely be played on the podcast so you may want to leave out private info that you aren’t comfortable being heard by a worldwide audience.