Whatever you do – just do.

Whatever you want to be – just be.

Fully embrace all you set out to do. Feel it in your bones and know where you are is where you are meant to be.

Feel a hunch, trust it. Feel a push, move with it. Feel like you should step up, start stepping. Everything in life, is here for you. You can choose to ignore it and stay where you are or you can choose to push past your insecurities to do what you feel is right.

I feel everything starts with you, with I, with me. I am choosing to do what I can with where I am and with what I have. That’s all it takes. Be flexible to life unfolding, like a corral is flexible to the waves of an ocean. Flow with it, accept it for what it is and trust it is all in the timing it is meant to be. Don’t resist the lessons of life, feel them, embody them and know they are the transformations you need to bloom fully. Each chapter is a lesson and a realization to be had – that is what it’s all about.

Feel and do, it is that simple.. yet it is the hardest thing to accept and live out. It takes stepping over the self limiting fear, and looking it in the face as you wave it goodbye.  “You will no longer control me” as you continue down the path meant for you.

The path is fuzzy, it’s blurry; but it’s yours – if you want it.

From launching WCH a few years ago, to the evolution of life and of myself we are now standing “here”. As I overcome my own human experiences, I know there is more than just my own goals, my own achievements I want to achieve, there is more to life and the more I see the more I know I am meant to be here, doing this.

It’s messy, it’s confusing, it’s frustrating, it’s scary, but I choose to look at it all with curiosity and a smile.

I had this one idea to launch a campaign with used show shirts, so I launched it. It is building momentum as the initiative behind the movement is being felt and supported. Thank you to all of those who are standing behind me and supporting me as we collectively continue to support our communities.

Thank you for the path, thank you for the chance to be messy and still make it through. I thank the supporters who see what I feel, as I continue to sway between the guidelines. I feel, I listen and I do. To all of those that are doing the same thing, we give you the energy and love to continue doing what you feel as well.

All this being said, imagine a world where we all follow our path fearlessly.