I heard of cold showers and thought “NO WAY! I hate the cold, as if I’d ever put myself through that torture for no reason.”

Well, I’m here to say there is a reason!

Once I did the research and learnt about the actual benefits, it became obvious this was something I was interested in trying. I looked up people who are cold shower advocates and learnt why/how/when you do these cold showers.

Basically, how do I get through this shower and what is the purpose?

Here are my findings:

First, it’s not the cold shower itself, it’s what the cold shower represents in our lives. It could be the anxiety we face on the daily, a competition we are preparing for.

A cold shower takes form in so many ways in our lives, it represents obstacles we must overcome.

Secondly, it’s proving to ourselves we can do what we find hard or a challenge. Nothing like forcing yourself under cold water to realize you really are capable of that and now, so much more!

Thirdly, it’s teaching us how to handle ourselves under uncomfortable situations. If I can breathe through cold water torture and stay calm and accept the cold. I feel you can handle the pressure of competition that much better. “I can face adversity head-on because I trained myself ahead of time”.

It’s my favourite thing to mindfully do stuff that gives me secondary benefits. I look at a cold shower as training myself for my future. The by-product of my cold showers will show itself when it really matters. For me, that’s handling nerves at a barrel race. It’s me showing up as my best self and rider when it really matters. Remember, being your best self is taking small steps every day to help you succeed later on.


Such an unusual setting, like the shower, is giving me the strength for when I need it the most.


OK, so now we know some reason why people take cold showers. Now, let’s hear it with the excuses.

Excuse #1: I have bad circulation, I can’t do it because my hands go white and it’s not good for them.

False – Well, ok, you are right. If you suffer from poor circulation like myself, letting them get cold and go white frequently is definitely not good. BUT, for me, it actually helped my hands! When I’m able to relax during the cold shower, my hands and feet didn’t lose circulation after. I was in control.. its weird but its true.




Excuse #2: It’s too hard, I can’t turn the leaver over to cold.

– Well, life is hard! This is one thing you can do to prepare yourself better. One act of being uncomfortable is going to prepare you for so many elements that life brings, so why not try? It is hard, but you’re stronger than the cold. Prove it to yourself that you can do something challenging. You are strong and capable!

Tips to get ready:

Mentally prepare yourself. Take some deep breaths to help get your body ready and your mind ready to accept what is about to happen.

Start Small. Try for 10 seconds, WOAH its cold! Then, progress until you reach 30 seconds, then 1 minute and so on. Do it until it doesn’t become a question if you’re going to, you just do it. Embrace it, don’t fight whats happening. Once you accept it and embrace it, the cold honestly doesn’t feel that bad and now you feel freakin amazing. It’s like a shot of coffee into your soul!! 

Unleash your inner Wim Hoff. Accept the cold, be in the cold and be in control.

I challenge you to try. Comment below if you think you can do it!

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