Have you ever been completely overwhelmed with feelings, your body shuts off from them. It’s the place where denial and acceptance becomes so hard.

We can’t even accept the feelings pouring into us like a flood gate opened that cannot be reversed. The fact time never stops, can’t be reversed like the water that’s now pouring all over the life you once knew. The dreams and visions you once had are gone.

Realizing the mistakes you made cannot be reversed. You’re now stuck with the lessons and “why me” thoughts that only leave in time.

Time is a weird thing. We hate that it doesn’t stop, but the only way we heal is with it. We need it yet we hate it.

I hate time. I needed more time. I didn’t need to learn this lessons now. I’ve learnt so much. So many flood gates of water opened to a new reality of my life. but why. Why me. Why this. Why did it have to be that way?

You’ll never know. All you know is now we are here, the time is gone. The things have happened and you are here trying to process the feelings.

Open yourself up. The new reality is here and you cannot fight it. We must accept it. We have to accept it.

Here is to allowing time to change us, change our future and make us who we are destined to become.

With love, Shelby Olyschlager