Starting this off with the overlooked facts; professional athletes are not valued based on their level of humanity. They’re literally ranked based on their skill and resume in the sport.  Sure these people are talented in whatever it is they specialize in. It’s easy to look up to them, fantasize about meeting them and hoping their talents will rub off on you. However, in my non-professional opinion, these people can be dangerous to put on a pedestal.

Of course, it’s great to have an icon you want to be like one day but you have to realize that people can be a professional athlete, have millions of followers, look like a great person but that doesn’t mean they are.

You can ask “what do I know?” I only have my own experience to base this off of but I have been lucky enough to have worked with some of those pros. Unfortunately what I stated above seemed to be pretty accurate.

The nobodys, That’s right I’ll call myself a nobody(for now) has it rough, what do you do when you’re an underdog that can’t offer much to someone so much more successful than you.  I remind myself that everyone is a nobody until they become a somebody, right? And I think we all, even the pros need to remember that everyone started from the beginning. If someone isn’t as good or can’t offer anything right now, that it’s certain we all, including the best, have been at that point too.

Respected athletes take notes – Just because someone isn’t as skilled or knowledgeable now doesn’t make them any less of a person that you’re magically allowed to treat any less. If these people actually look up to you, give them something to really idolize! These “nobodys” are working on learning and gaining experience to help them become like you and they are looking at you for motivation!

This hit me hard while I was working for some of these athletes so please, just know your worth! I have heard stories of young nobodys getting taken advantage of due to their ability to idolize these people so much that they would do anything asked. This is a dangerous area and can leave you seriously taken advantage of! I’m more specifically talking about internships.

Interners are the people that are inexperienced, optimistic, and real glass half full type. They are willing to work, usually for free with some of the best in the industry. These jobs are a great way to gain knowledge and experience. You get to work alongside these guys and see what really happens in their day to day lives to get them where they are today. So why not go out there and learn? It’s a great opportunity no doubt, but you don’t really know these people and it can be quite alarming what you discover.

So here is what I learnt, Doing tough hours and hard work is obviously necessary in order to become a high-level athlete. There are no cutting corners in that department but always keep the goal in mind. Don’t say yes to terrible work if you don’t think it’s beneficial or progressing you towards your goals.  Remember what brought you there and if what you’re doing isn’t a step toward the goal then change it.

The Advice: If you’re interning and there’s something you’re not comfortable with, or you’re being asked way more then what was agreed upon, its ok to say no. I repeat, it is OK to just say no! Your happiness should be important and if what you’re doing is ruining the sport for you stop.

Remember you are just as capable as the pros, were all humans and you can make it to that level of greatness by starting and always learning. No doubt you will get there one day if you really push yourself and strive to learn every day.

Thanks for reading, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.