Become Resilient to ALL of Life’s Obstacles.

Life is going to be challenging, confusing, full of obstacles. Its inevitable So, how are you preparing now, to be able to handle the things life throws at you? "How do you" is the question? How do you become stronger, more resilient and capable thought the hard times...

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How We, As Rider are Changing and Improving our Game

How We, As Rider are Changing and Improving our Game

What i'm referring to is the knowledge and the insight will always improve. It will evolve just like all creation. The knowledge now will be more advanced in 10 years, maybe only in 30 days, maybe every day on a smaller scale.  I went to a rider biomechanic...

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Every morning affirmation:

I am on the right track. I am where I need to be in this moment in order to grow into the person I am here to become. I am slowly evolving into my higher self by taking conscious steps that allow such growth. I tap into my intuition and let my innerself guide my...

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Horses Are Our Connection To The Divine 

Dont be scared by the word “divine”. Divine means all of us, we are all connected. We are all apart of it. Anything with a consciousness is apart of it. Every animal all over the world, humans included. Horses are a channel to feel it more deeply. Much like when you...

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It starts with a good, go-to book you can fully express yourself in. It represents you, as a horsewoman full of thoughts, dreams, goals, and desires. The blank pages are your portal to be heard, uncover and understand yourself better. How Journaling Helps?? check out...

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Why So Serious ?

It’s race day, the early morning sun is shining, horses are eating and all is well. We haven’t competed yet so we have nothing to be angry, upset or disappointed with. We are in a place of optimism, possibilities and potential, “yay I think I am really going to crush...

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Make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard. 

Leadership lessons learnt through horses. Make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard.  The path of least resistance is real. We see it all around us, from the rain running down in a stream away from our barn, to the natural ways we can train and work our...

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